Healing the
Abandonment Wound

An Integrative Enneagram Approach.
Honor your hurt. Rediscover yourself.

Combining the Enneagram with Somatic Experiencing and other systems work to help you build confidence, feel your self-worth, and experience emotional well-being.

One-On-One Sessions

Schedule a Discovery Call, Individual Enneagram Typing Session, Enneagram Coaching Session, Somatic Experience Session, or Hypnosis Session with me. All sessions are virtual.

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Join My Integrative Enneagram Research Project

Explore the dimensions of your protective Enneagram structure as we utilize Somatic Experiencing to navigate the terrain of your life and experience. In these sessions we'll be using the lens of your Enneagram type's structure to inform the somatic profile of your type. We will explore the mental fixation, emotional compulsion, defense mechanism, spiritual wounding narrative, motivation, primary desire, and primary fear of your type. Your participation and lived experience will help inform better learning opportunities for Somatic Experiencing Practitioners and healing professionals to integrate the Enneagram into their practice.

This includes a full Enneagram Typing Session + Four Individual Sessions for $250

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Community Hypnotherapy Course

Cultivate deeper receptivity for connection in life. join a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to caring for their wound and inherent belonging, and gain an experience that benefits you at a nervous system level or your money back.

$50 for each individual session
$300 for the annual membership that includes 12 sessions (Market rate $1,800)

Supporting your unique path toward self-worth and emotional healing.

Every person's spiritual, mental, and emotional health journey is unique.

The tools I use to support you.

Coming Soon:
Defense Mechanism Course

Learn about the defensive structure of your Enneagram type, how your pain is protected, and learn about the path through.

Price: $250

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Hello, I'm glad you are here!

My name is Kenna Ledbetter, and I am a Nervous System Practitioner, Enneagram Coach & Teacher, Spiritual Director, and consider myself a recovering fundamentalist.

I am passionate about helping people not only understand their pain of abandonment wounding down to a spiritual level, but also finding a way through to resolve the pain. My practice focuses on venturing into the areas you continue to feel pissed off, anxious, continued grief, and even where your joy feels embarrassed to fully express its beautiful self. I specialize in helping people process developmental trauma, insecure relationship attachments, and religious deconstruction.

My approach is to utilize the body-mind Somatic Experiencing approach for nervous system healing while integrating the lens of the Enneagram to feel the fullness, wholeness, and beauty of who you inherently are.

I hold a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies through Azusa Pacific Seminary, and a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies through Azusa Pacific University. Additionally, I am a Certified Narrative Enneagram Teacher through The Narrative Enneagram, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist through The Motivational Institute of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, and a soon-to-be Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner through Somatic Experiencing International (2024; I am currently an Advanced Level student.)

Hypnotherapy Sessions for your
Enneagram Type

Recorded hypnotherapy sessions for emotional resilience.

Spiritual Resilience Hypnosis - Enneagram 9

Learn how to embrace your Enneagram 9 characteristics and use them to your advantage.

Spiritual Resilience Hypnosis - Enneagram 8

Learn how to embrace your Enneagram 8 characteristics and use them to your advantage.

There are a million ways to heal. It's not about doing it the "right" way. It's about finding the right way to heal for you.

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